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We won't ever give up,
and never should you!

Inspiring words from this year's production of Six Stories Up in Equality, wouldn't you say? It has been one of best years ever and we THANK YOU for your loyalty and support! Here's just one reason why we persevere:

Celia, an apprentice from the play, is a living testimony of someone who never gives up. Here's what she said:

"As a childhood cancer survivor I have always wanted to really, really advocate and express the need for research for childhood cancer because it is underfunded in the cancer world. Being in Tellin' Tales Theatre's Six Stories Up in Equality gave me a chance to finally do this on a big scale. I am very honored that I reached so many hearts with my story, and I hope that this experience will help me advocate on an even wider scale."

Wait Until You Hear About 2015!

Tellin' Tales will be front and center in ADA25 Chicago's citywide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with Six Stories Up in the Art Institute! This will involve expanding our program to include visual artist mentors as well as our gifted storytelling mentors. We will also:

All this along with our fabulous Fashion Forward Gala on May 2!

You Make a Difference!

Please consider sending a donation to Tellin' Tales this month. It will help all those waiting to participate. Your support means the world to me!

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

Tekki Lomnicki
Artistic Director
Tellin' Tales Theatre

P.S.: If you can't donate money right now, but can donate time or talent, please click here to find other ways to help Tellin' Tales Theatre.


Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Images from Tellin' Tales Theatre's Fashion Forward 2014

From our guests, Richard Jenkins and Karen Tamley, TaleBlazer award winners Molly Wiesman and Simone LaPierre and the beautiful models of all shapes, sizes and abilities—it was a bigsuccess thanks to YOU!

Couldn't make it but still want to donate to help us build our storyteller program at local children's hospitals? Just click the yellow "Donate" button at right.

Thanks a million!



Six Stories Up

Six Stories Up is part mentoring program, part magic. Each year we pair six Chicago storytellers with six middle school children to write six, ten-minute long theater pieces. Each team is encouraged to base their vignette on personal stories. These vignettes are then combined to create a full-length show. The set designer, mask maker, and stage manager also work with middle school-aged apprentices. The show runs two weekends at a professional theater.

Adults and children with and without disabilities, of all races, and income levels work together on equal terms. Both adults and children learn lifelong lessons, self-esteem blossoms, and community is built where none existed before.

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Our Mission

The mission of Tellin' Tales Theatre is to shatter barriers between the disabled and able-bodied worlds through the transformative power of personal story. We bring together children and adults from both communities to share their stories in theatrically innovative productions and programs to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance.


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